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We are dedicated to Supplying High performance Remote Control Cars, racing accessories and Air Products.  We are the exclusive Distribution and Development agent within the United States for PR Racing surface line of vehicles and Attop Technology Air Quadcopters.  We maintain an extensive parts, Kit and accessory inventory in efforts to successfully supply our valued Hobby Retailers and consumers with high quality parts, support and service. We're located in Riverside, California United States.  

Quadcopters have become increasingly popular for years now and for a variety for reasons. After learning to fly them we noticed a few things that ended up helping us out at our competitive off-road races. Throttle Control. Aside from the sheer fun of 3D flying, stunts and tricks, simply learning to hover the quadcopter and becoming familiar with the powerband of the powerful brushless motors will translate to a smoother more linear throttle input when you hit the track with your 7.5 2wd Buggy or Nitro Buggy. Lets face it, most of our beloved off-road vehicles are all over-powered, (which is just how we like it) so why not tame that throttle finger down a bit by learning the fine arts of Quadcopter flying.

With that in mind we researched the Quadcopter Market and realized a price range that would allow new users to try out a performance (Parts replaceable) 3D Quadcopter without breaking the bank.  

The all new Sky Dreamer Quadcopter comes completely RTF (Ready To Fly) and can be adjusted with both beginner and advanced Transmitter settings. Whether your a beginner or a seasoned pilot the Sky Dreamer is sure to bring out the Hobby Pro in all of us! 

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